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Congressional Visits – You Are the Best Voice for the Industry

This year’s Congressional Visits will take place on Thursday afternoon from 1:45 pm until 5:00 pm, and will be followed by a reception on Capitol Hill.  Congressional Visits are, as always, very important to your company and to the AWPA.  Legislators need to hear from you - their constituents - on how vital the domestic wire industry is to their district and state.  Keep an eye on your inbox - AWPA will be sending information on the issues throughout the summer in The Wire-AWPA News and Events, so that you have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with all the facts you need to communicate with your Congressional Representatives. 

You will be armed with the current results of the Industry Identification Project to illustrate to your legislators how much your company, and the industry as a whole, means to their district, state and the nation.  You will also be sent the final White Papers that clearly outline AWPA’s issues and positions on policy, regulation and legislation.  This year, attendees will meet with their legislators on Capitol Hill to discuss China trade problems, the Wire and Wire Products Caucus, and the state of the domestic rod, wire and wire products industry.  Presently, there is movement on a possible currency bill in Congress, should China’s announcement to revalue the yuan prove to be just a small gesture to satisfy the Administration.  Attendees will discuss this issue with their legislators and ask for support of the Currency bill and help to move it forward.  Specific action will depend upon what progress the bill has made by September.

When you register for the Government Affairs Conference, be sure you check the box for the session labeled “Congressional Visits,” and if you have specific Members of Congress you would like to meet with, please forward an email request to the AWPA Office at

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