2022 Government Affairs Conference

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This year's Government Affairs Conference will have the latest on international trade, an update on the economy, and most importantly, the opportunity to meet with your Representatives and Senators, to discuss the issues affecting your company. We are building on the enthusiasm and in-person energy of the Annual Meeting, and will be taking that to Capitol Hill to advocate for the industry, and educate our legislators. Here's some of what we'll be talking about in September.

General Session Program

The Economy - Connor Lokar, ITR Economics

In 2021 our conference attendees were wowed by the knowledge and foresight of the young (and underestimated) Connor Lokar from ITC Economics, a company with many clients in the steel sector and a 94.7% forecast accuracy. Are you curious to hear which of Connor’s predictions were correct? “Signs point to a deceleration of growth for 2022 and 2023; Inflation pressure is real, but will not be ruinous; and pricing pressures, including for steel scrap, are expected to ease in 2022.” Connor will provide wire industry-specific strategies, insightful suggestions, and practical solutions that can change the course of your business. Attendees receive take-home value to apply for concrete results. Don't miss it!

Additional sponsorship opportunities are available - contact the AWPA Office.

Supply Chain Challenges - Jeffrey Weiss, Steptoe

Frustrated by the supply chain and shipping challenges? You are not alone. A series of economic events have resulted in supply chain disruptions in manufacturing and are expected to continue into 2023. Our industry lacked the workers we needed before COVID-19 and now we are competing with all the other industries who are also understaffed. But there is hope, including legislation that would help fund supply chain resilience. Join us to hear from an industry expert who will detail the latest in supply chain and shipping challenges and forecast what next year will look like in manufacturing.

Political Update - Jim Ellis, BIPAC

As the 2022 elections near, the fate of President Biden’s agenda is at stake against the backdrop of a nation weary of disorder, political hot button volatility, and the traditional midterm backlash to the party in power. From the never-ending pandemic to persistent inflation, high gas prices, supply chain problems, rising crime, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – what’s the expected outcome on November 8 and what has the power to change it? While the road to November is notoriously bumpy, we’ll give you all the current political analysis to help you demystify the midterms. 

Trade Update - Sam Mulopulos, Deputy Staff Director, Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Commmittee

Development continues on the Biden Administration’s approach to global trade, with more questions than answers on the future outcomes around US-China trade challenges, unilateral tariffs and exemptions, trade agreements, and enforcement. Hear directly from the Administration on the relevant issues of the moment, with special focus on the current status of tariffs impacting wire and wire products.

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Congressional Visits and the Visits Debriefing Breakfast

On Thursday afternoon we will head to Capitol Hill to meet with legislators and advocate for the steel wire industry. During registration you will have the chance to indicate you will participate in Hill Visits - make sure the box is checked, and we will take care of the rest. We will hold a training session webinar before the meeting, on Wednesday September 14, to ensure you understand how the visits will work, have materials and talking points to address all the issues, and have a chance to ask any questions you may have. We'll be sending out information on this webinar to everyone who registers for Congressional Visits.

On Friday morning we will gather for breakfast and discuss the results of our congressional visits from Thursday. Bring your scorecards and let your fellow AWPA members know who you met with, and how they responded. Sharing this information is the important next step in our advocacy efforts – we will use this information to focus efforts where they can make the most impact, and will provide follow-up information to Representatives and Senators after your meetings. 

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Wondering who's attending? Check back here to see who has registered.

The following list shows all reviewed and paid attendees as of 07/22/2024.

Attendee Name Title  Company
Axel Ampolini EVP Liberty Steel USA Liberty Steel USA
Mr. Murat Askin CEO StaalX LLC
Mr. Greg Barbour Vice President, Sales Beta Steel Group
Ms. Emily Bardach Executive Director American Wire Producers Association
Mr. Jordi Barrenechea CEO WMC
Mr. Timothy W. Becker President: Hickory Springs Mfg. HSM Solutions
Mr. Scott Bernstein President Beta Steel Group
Mr. Casey Bouton President Taubensee Steel & Wire Company
Mr. Pete W. Bowen Regional Sales Manager Optimus Steel LLC
Ms. Amy Braune Director of Sales - Rod Products Leggett & Platt, Inc.
Mr. Brian Burr Chairman Sumiden Wire Products Corporation
Mrs. Kathleen Cannon Partner Kelley Drye & Warren, LLP
Mr. Mike Carroll Vice President Supply Chain Accent Wire
Mr. Alejandro Castano Commercial Manager, Industrial Division Mid Continent Steel and Wire Inc.
Mr. Yuxin Chen President Yongxing Special Stainless America LLC
Mr. Jon Cornelius President Sumiden Wire Products Corporation
Mr. Thilo Dappers President Saarstahl USA
Ms. Amy R DeArmond Director of Government Affairs Leggett & Platt, Inc.
Mr. Jan Deruytter Director, Manufacturing Productivity Improvement Lincoln Electric Company
Mr. Scott Dillaha Director, Wire Rod Sales ArcelorMittal Long Products
Mr. Tim Dillon Sr. VP Sales and Marketing Liberty Steel USA
Mr. Clifford E. Donahue Raw Material Purchaser Oklahoma Steel & Wire Company, Inc.
Mr. Deron Dunbar Director of Sales & Marketing Ivaco Rolling Mills Ltd.
Mr. David Duncan Jr. President/CEO Granite Falls Furnace
Mr. Matthew Duncan Vice President Granite Falls Furnace
Mr. Jim Ellis Senior Political Analyst BIPAC
Brin Frazier Regional Sales Optimus Steel LLC
Mr. Sebastian Frey VP Long Products Tata International
Mr. Edward P. Goettl Optimus Steel LLC
Mr. Chad Hendrickson Director of Marketing Charter Steel
Mr. Jason Hendrix President & CEO Accent Wire
Mr. Kevin Hughes VP - Operations Precision Metal Services, Inc.
Mr. Terry Hughes Nucor
Mr. Mark Jacinto Sales Manager Wire Road Optimus Steel LLC
Mr. John T. Johnson Jr. President Mid-South Wire Company
Mr. Stephen Jurewicz Sales Manager Nucor
Mr. John King Vice President - Sales Liberty Steel USA
Mr. Jochen Koch President Morgan-Koch Corporation
Ms. Janet Kopenhaver Director of Government Affairs
Mr. Albert Kozlowski Vice President Morgan-Koch Corporation
Mr. Luis Eugenio Leal Rangel Director of Trade and Government Affairs Mid Continent Steel and Wire Inc.
Mr. Jack Leffler VP Commercial Liberty Wire Johnstown
Mr. Brian Liu Sr. Director, Procurement, Transportation, & Logistics Tree Island Steel
Mr. Connor Lokar Senior Analyst ITR Economics
Mr. Mack Magnus President M&B Metal Products Company
Mr. Milton M. Magnus III CEO M&B Metal Products Company
Ms. Miyuki Mangrum General Manager Metal One America, Inc.
Mr. Jarrett Martin President MAR-MAC Industries, Inc.
Mr. John W. Martin III CEO MAR-MAC Industries, Inc.
Mr. John D. Meyer Vice President Commercial, Rods & Wire Leggett & Platt, Inc.
Mr. Jack Miller CEO Liberty Wire Johnstown
Mr. Bob Moffitt Vice President, Purchasing Heico Wire Group
Ms. Kathleen Moore Vice President Oklahoma Steel & Wire Company, Inc.
Mr. Alex Nedergaard Director Supply Management, Americas Lincoln Electric Company
Mr. Michael O'Malley District Sales Manager Nucor
Mr. Shawn Oliver Customer Service Manager Tokusen USA, Inc.
Ms. Heather E Outhuse Associate Director American Wire Producers Association
Mr. Martin J. Payton III President Precision Metal Services, Inc.
Mr. Eugene Peters Vice President of National Accounts - MPG/US Wire Heico Wire Group
Mr. Nickolus R. Pigott Vice President- Stainless & Nickel Alloys Tri Star Metals LLC
Mr. Patricio Pimentel Global Steel Sourcing Director Heico Wire Group
Mr. Kenneth J. Rampolla Eastern Regional Sales Manager Charter Steel
Mr. Lou Richards Vice President Oklahoma Steel & Wire Company, Inc.
Ms. Jeynae Saillard Meetings Manager American Wire Producers Association
Mr. Juan Carlos Sala Director WMC
Mr. Richard D. Sarver President Paramount Die
Mr. Alan Schrofer National Accounts Director Liberty Steel USA
Mr. Eric Schuenemeyer Vice President of Operations Tokusen USA, Inc.
Mr. David Scribner Purchasing King Steel Corporation
Mr. Michael Skowronek Vice President, Marketing & Sales Charter Steel
Mr. Charles Smith Vice President Operations
Mr. John J. Socrates Product Manager/Engineer Charter Steel
Mr. Jan Sorige President Enkotec Company Inc.
Mr. Remy Stachowiak Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Bryan Sullivan VP of Steel Wire Solutions Bekaert Corporation
Mr. Andy Talbot Vice President / General Manager Mid-South Wire Company
Ms. Nancy Taubensee Vice President, Sales & Marketing Taubensee Steel & Wire Company
Mr. Joshua Terwelp Trading Manager Tata International
Mr. John T. Thomas III Vice President M&B Metal Products Company
Mr Jean-Paul Timmerman Global Sales Director Long Products Saarstahl USA
Mr. Pete Tollmann Vice President of Sales and Marketing Accent Wire
Mr. Brian Toth Territory Manager
Mr. Fernando Villanueva President & CEO Mid Continent Steel and Wire Inc.
Mr. Richard T. Wagner Senior Vice President & COO Insteel Industries Inc.
Mr. Frederick P. Waite General Counsel Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease, LLP
Mr. Ian Walsh CEO Wire-Bond
Mr. Kevin Walsh Vice President Trading Macsteel International USA Corporation
Mr. David J. Weinand Executive Vice President Oklahoma Steel & Wire Company, Inc.
Mr. Jeffrey G. Weiss Partner Steptoe & Johnson LLP
Mr. Tom White VP Commercial - Long Products Group
Mr. Penn Whitlow Eastern Sales Representative Charter Steel
Ashleigh Wilson Manager and Counsel, Federal Government Affairs Nucor
Mr. H. O. Woltz III President and CEO Insteel Industries Inc.
Ms. Dana S. Wood Director of Government Relations Kelley Drye & Warren, LLP
Mr. James R. York Senior VP Insteel Industries Inc.
Ms. Kimberly Young Counsel Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease, LLP