Committee Structure

AWPA Committees are the venue to discuss important industry issues.

The policies, programs, and activities of the American Wire Producers Association originate from the efforts of the committees.


Standing Committees

Standing Committees consist of a limited number of people who have been asked to serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors. These committees include:

  • Executive Committee (EC)
  • Government Relations Advisory Committee (GRAC)
  • Operations Steering Committee (OSC)
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Subcommittee (EHS)


Product Committees

Voting membership is determined by the Charter of the committee; however, typically voting members are representatives of companies that manufacture the product in the name of the committee. Other members who have an interest in the market are welcome to participate, but may be asked to leave meetings for closed policy sessions. These committees meet during the Annual Meeting (February) and Fall Government Affairs Conference. They may also meet by conference call or in special session. These committees include:

  • PC Strand Committee
  • Stainless Wire Committee


Board of Directors (BOD)

The Board of Directors consists of twenty-one members, elected in three classes of three year terms. Each class consists of six representatives from Active member companies and one representative from a category of Associate members. Active members may serve consecutive three-year terms; Associate members may serve only one three-year term. The Board is elected by the Active members during the Annual Business meeting. Only one individual from a member company may serve on the Board.

Standing Committee: Executive Committee (EC)

The Executive Committee consists of the elected officers of the association and past presidents.

Standing Committee: Government Relations Advisory Committee (GRAC)

The GRAC provides structure to the policy and position making process of the AWPA. The GRAC forms a core group of the leadership and are the individuals who have assumed the responsibility to be informed on Government Relations issues. The committee consists of the Executive Committee members and 3 to 4 additional Board members from the Active category of membership.

Standing Committee: Operations Steering Committee (OSC)

The Operations Steering Committee exists to promote activities to enhance and support improvement in individual company operations, to advance the competitiveness of the North American wire industry, and to assist in compliance with regulations, especially those pertaining to the environment and safety. The Operations Steering Committee achieves this by conducting meetings of Operations Managers for the free and open exchange of ideas, information, and expertise in the area of plant operations. The committee represents a cross section of the various products manufactured by AWPA member companies. Members include 10-12 representatives from wire producing companies and a supplier representative.

Standing Committee: Environmental, Health & Safety Subcommittee (EHS)

The Environmental Affairs Subcommittee works with the Operations Steering Committee to monitor environmental, labor and safety regulations and legislation. Committee members are individuals who are responsible these functions for their companies. The EAS meets during the annual Operations Managers meeting, held in the fall and by conference call as regulatory issues present themselves.

Membership Committee

This committee develops membership goals and programs to achieve a broad base of industry representation. Participation is open to all members of the association. The committee meets twice a year – during the Annual Meeting (February) and Fall Government Affairs Conference.

Product Committee: PC Strand Committee

The PC Strand Committee exists to address the issues of common interest that face PC Strand manufacturers of the North American wire industry. The committee provides a forum for PC Strand manufacturers to meet and discuss issues of possible common interest and industry standards and to monitor imports into the United States and Canada.

Product Committee: Stainless Wire Committee

This committee represents the special interests of stainless steel wire and wire product manufacturers. The Stainless Committee also sponsors a Quarterly Report of the US Stainless Industry which tracks US shipments, imports, exports and apparent US consumption of stainless rod and wire. The committee also monitors imports and undertakes projects of interest to its members.
AWPA Staff

Interested in Joining a Committee?

Joining a committee is a great way to build personal leadership skills, build your network and gain visibility, all as you help shape the future of our industry!