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The AWPA is the leading voice of the ferrous wire and wire products industry in North America.
AWPA members include wire producers located in the United States, Canada and Mexico, manufacturers and distributors of wire rod, and suppliers of machinery, dies, and equipment to the wire industry.

AWPA Profile

Manufacturers of ferrous Wire and Wire Products, located in the United States of America, make up the voting members of the association. Presidents, CEOs, Purchasing Managers and other senior level company leadership all participate in meetings and activities of the association. Operations staff are also involved in meetings and association programs. Canadian and Mexican Wire Manufacturers and Suppliers to the industry are involved at every level of leadership and programming.

What is Ferrous Wire?

Ferrous adjective fer·rous \ˈfer-əs, ˈfe-rəs\ Ferrous is an adjective used to indicate the presence of iron. The word is derived from the Latin word ferrum (“iron”). Ferrous metals include carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel. Ferrous Wire and Wire Products are Everywhere. AWPA member companies make hundreds of kinds of wire and wire products including bright, galvanized and tempered wire; wire mesh, netting and fencing; wire strand and rope; and garment hangers and nails.

Committee Structure

AWPA Committees are the venue to discuss issues of importance to the industry.

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AWPA Member Companies Manufacture Wire and Wire Products in North America and Around the World

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