Environmental, Health & Safety

The AWPA Operations Steering Committee and the
Environmental Affairs Subcommittee members
work with AWPA’s Director of Government Affairs,
Janet Kopenhaver, to monitor Environmental, Labor
and Safety regulations and legislation which affect
wire and wire products company plants.

AWPA comments are prepared and submitted within the regulatory or legislative process to highlight members’ concerns with laws and regulations that negatively impact the members’ ability to be competitive in the global market.

Twice a year, federal agencies publish their Regulatory Agendas and Regulatory Plans. The activities included in the Agenda are, in general, those that will have regulatory action within the next 12 months. The current agenda is here:

July 2023 Semiannual Regulatory Agenda

Following is information on other issues currently being monitored by AWPA:

Combustible Dust: 

Combustible Dust  Overview by Reginald Whitaker, CSP, Reginald C. Whitaker, CSP, EH&S Manager, Oklahoma Steel & Wire Company

NFPA 652 2019: Standard on the Fundamentals of Combustible Dust

Chlorinated Paraffins

Other Issues/Resources