Government Affairs

The Advocacy work done by the AWPA and its members is based on fostering the global competitiveness of North American wire producers. The foundation of this work is in the International Trade Policy Mission statements of the association.

  • The mission of the American Wire Producers Association is to assure free access to the global supply of Carbon, Alloy and Stainless Steel Wire Rod.
  • AWPA supports and promotes US policy, legislation and international agreements which seek to eliminate trade-distorting subsidies and government intervention in the free market.
  • AWPA supports compliance by the United States and our trading partners with international trade agreements and enforcement of the obligations of our trading partners that they have undertaken in those agreements.
  • AWPA supports broad international trade liberalization with effective reciprocal market

Here’s an overview of US Trade Law

Here’s a glossary of US Agencies involved in Trade Law Enforcement

Legislation & Government Policy

New AWPA policy positions are discussed and decided upon by the members of the Government Relations Advisory Committee (GRAC). Here is what’s on the Agenda, now.

State-by-State Employment Data

See how important the industry is to your state and the national economy! How many plants? Total Number of Industry Employees? Total Industry Wages?

US House Wire & Wire Products Caucus

AWPA values the legislators who have agreed to join the wire industry Caucus. Is your Representative a Member? If not, ASK!

International Trade Cases

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Environmental, Health & Safety

The AWPA Environmental Affairs Subcommittee monitors regulations that affect the industry. Find the latest issues of interest here.

AWPA has sent you an Action Alert – and you need to know the names and contact information for your legislators.  Here is your resource.