Annual Meeting

The AWPA Annual Meeting is a three-day program designed to bring together experts and professionals to discuss the business challenges facing the industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and customers, enabling them to choose and implement effective strategies for success in an increasingly competitive business environment. The program includes product committee meetings, business meetings, and ample time for connecting with industry friends, customers, and their spouses in a casual and enjoyable setting.

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Government Affairs Conference

The AWPA Government Affairs Conference is a three-day program held in Washington, DC, offering valuable opportunities for networking with colleagues, gaining insights into legislation and policies affecting your business, and fostering relationships with Congressional Representatives. The conference features annual Congressional Visits, providing a crucial platform for discussing industry challenges with legislators and expanding the Wire and Wire Products Caucus. This event ensures that your voice is heard in the halls of Congress, making it a significant occasion for advocating on behalf of your company and industry.

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Operations Managers Meeting

The AWPA Operations Managers Meeting is a two-day program specifically designed to provide educational and networking opportunities for plant managers. Created by the Operations Steering Committee, which consists of experienced plant managers, the program addresses day-to-day operational issues and offers an informal forum for advice and feedback. Attendees will benefit from practical information aimed at improving bottom-line performance, including a tour of a local facility to observe best practices in action. This affordable program underscores AWPA’s commitment to delivering actionable insights and strategies that enhance plant performance and add value.

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