Benefits of Membership

Knowledge Leadership – Advocacy – Industry Data

Your AWPA membership is a high-value investment in you, your company and the industry. Participation is the key to your return on investment. You are encouraged to engage individuals at every level of your company in AWPA activities and communications. Well informed staff, who are engaged and connected, are excellent resources for your company success.

If you want to impact in the future of the North American wire industry and share in meeting its challenges, AWPA provides this opportunity.

Knowledge Leadership

You become a Knowledge Leader when you are well connected in the wire industry supply chain and are well informed about the issues and challenges companies in the industry are facing. AWPA meetings and communications are excellent and efficient opportunities to improve your Knowledge Leadership.

AWPA holds EVENTS 3-4 times each year for informative face-to-face meetings with colleagues who are competitors, suppliers and customers. These meeting provide opportunities for you to:

  • Discuss issues of concern with other Knowledge Leaders
  • Learn about the challenges facing the industry and debate solutions
  • Hear presentations on the economy, the industry, government activities and issues of the day
  • Hold commercial meetings with suppliers (wire members) and customer (supplier members)
  • Provide your company’s position on issues that the AWPA might undertake

AWPA also provides its members with daily manufacturing industry news provided by the National Association of Manufacturers and communicates with its members via The Wire, the periodic newsletter of the association.


When many companies come together to address issues, the voice of the industry becomes more powerful than any one company on its own. The association’s GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS activities are the voice of AWPA and its members .

  • Maintain relationships with US government officials and foreign governments, including serving on Industry Trade Advisory Committees
  • Advocate for wire producers in trade actions before the International Trade Commission
  • Tracks legislation and regulations which impact the manufacturing sector and the wire industry supply chain
  • Conduct annual Congressional Visits for members and their legislators
  • Foster working relationships with other industry trade associations
  • Participate as member of the National Association of Manufacturers’ Council of Manufacturing Associations
  • Report on the importance of the industry to the US economy by collecting data on the number of plants, employees, wages, sales and unions
  • Monitor compliance by our trading partners with international trade agreement

Industry Data

The more you know about the FACTS & STATISTICS representing the industry, the better you will be able to position your company and market your products. AWPA provides both publicly available data and aggregated industry data which is only provided to the member companies participating in those programs.  AWPA prides itself on the care with which it handles the business confidential information that members provide to us. Data Reports include:

  • Monthly industry bench marking of inventory of rod, finished goods, and work in progress
  • Safety data by plant and industry average
  • Volume and Value imports of rod, wire, and wire products
  • Unique sector import data and domestic production for Product Committees