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Central Wire Industries


6509 Olson Rd
Union, IL 60180-9730
Main Phone: 815-923-2131
Web site:
Sales Contact:
Mr. Paul From
President and CEO
(613) 267-3752
Product Types: Alloy Wire Products, Stainless Wire Products, Alloy Wire, Stainless Wire
Wire Types: Aerospace Wire, Annealed Wire, Antenna Wire, Automotive Wire, Bail Wire, Ball Bearing Wire, Belt Reinforcement Wire, Braiding Wire, Broom & Brush Wire, Cold Heading Quality Wire, Copper Clad Wire, Core Wire, Filter Wire, Fine Wire, Fishing Tackle Wire, High Nickel Alloy Wire, Hose Reinforcement Wire, Knitting Wire, Lock Wire/Safety Wire, Mechanical Spring Wire, Medical Wire, Metalizing Wire, Music Wire, Nail Wire, Needle Wire, Nickel Alloy Wire, Specialty High Tensile Wire, Rivet Wire, Rope Wire, Safety Lock Wire, Staple Wire, Steel Wool Wire, Straight And Cut To Length Wire, Strand Wire, Suspension Spring Wire, Tie Wire, Ultra Fine Wire, Valve Spring Wire, Weaving Wire, Welding Wire, Wool Wire

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