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North American Stainless

6870 US Highway 42 E
Ghent, KY 41045-8451
Main Phone: 800-499-7833
Fax: 502-347-6001


Nucor Steel - NE

2911 E Nucor Rd
Norfolk, NE 68701-9634
Main Phone: 402-644-0200
Fax: 402-644-0359
Sales Contact:
Mr. Nick McCarthy
District Sales Manager

(704) 794-8949
Product Types: Alloy Rod, Carbon Rod

Description: Nucor Bar Mill Group member. A high quality, low cost producer of steel products and capable of producing over 200 grades of steel w/special emphasis on SBQ products. Vacuum degassing capabilities result in ultra low carbon and low nitrogen content.


Laurel Steel Burlington

5400 Harvester Road
Burlington, ON L7R 3Y8
Main Phone: 905-681-6811
Fax: 905-634-7888
Parent:  Nucor (Nucor Steel - NE)
Product Types: Carbon Wire Products, Carbon Wire
Wire Types: Bright Basic Wire, Hook & Eye Wire, Low Carbon Wire, Nail Wire, Straight And Cut To Length Wire
Wire Products: Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh, Pipe Mesh, Plastic Coated Welded Wire Mesh, Reinforcing Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh


Nucor Steel Kingman, LLC

3000 W Old Highway 66
Kingman, AZ 86413-8332
Main Phone: 206-933-2227
Fax: 206-933-2209
Parent:  Nucor (Nucor Steel - NE)


Nucor Steel Connecticut, Inc.

35 Toelles Rd
Po Box 928
Wallingford, CT 06492-4419
Main Phone: 203-265-0615
Fax: 203-265-7676
Parent:  Nucor (Nucor Steel - NE)
Wire Products: Wire Mesh


Nucor LMP Steel Inc.

2000 E 1St St
Maryville, MO 64468-3112
Main Phone: 660-582-3127
Fax: 660-582-7730
Parent:  Nucor (Nucor Steel - NE)
Product Types: Carbon Wire
Wire Types: Automotive Wire, Bright Basic Wire, Cold Heading Quality Wire, High Carbon Wire, Nail Wire, Rivet Wire, Staple Wire, Tie Wire

Description: Nucor plant which produces cold finished bar and wire.


1915 Rexford Rd
Charlotte, NC 28211-3465
Parent:  Nucor (Nucor Steel - NE)


Nucor Steel - South Carolina

300 Steel Mill Rd.
Darlington, SC 29540-8759
Main Phone: 800-999-7461
Fax: 843-395-8701
Sales Contact:
Mr. Ronnie L Johnson
Sales & Shipping Manager

(843) 230-7274
Parent:  Nucor (Nucor Steel - NE)
Product Types: Alloy Rod, Carbon Rod

Description: Nucor Steel - SC is a member of the Nucor Bar Group. This high quality, low cost mill provides plain carbon, resulpherized, and low alloy wire rod to serve a variety of applications.


Nucor Cold Finish & Wire Products Utah

1875 West Highway 13 South
Brigham City, UT 84302-4009
Main Phone: 435-734-9334
Parent:  Nucor (Nucor Steel - NE)


Nucor Cold Finished Wisconsin, Inc.

400 W Burkhard Ct
Oak Creek, WI 53154-2051
Main Phone: 414-764-0220
Fax: 414-764-2073
Parent:  Nucor (Nucor Steel - NE)


Bekaertstraat 2
Zwevegem 8550
Main Phone: 32-56-766100
Fax: 32-56-766102

Parent:  Bekaert Corporation (Corporate Office)

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