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WCJ Pilgrim Wire

220 Boxwood Lane
York, PA 17402-9302
Main Phone: 414-788-0594
Web site: www.
Sales Contact:
Mr. Kristopher Shaw
Sales Manager
(717) 755-7491
Product Types: Alloy Wire, Carbon Wire, Stainless Wire
Wire Types: Bailing Wire, Binding Wire, Box Binding Wire, Brass Plated Wire, Broom & Brush Wire, Copper Clad Wire, Galvanized Wire, Nickel Alloy Wire, Oil Tempered Wire, Paper Clip Wire, Shaped Wire, Stainless Steel Wire, Stitching Wire, Tinned Wire, Welding Wire

Description: WCJ Pilgrim is the leading company that supplies wire to commercial printers, corrugated box manufactures, recyclers, and automotive companies. Our goal is to have the highest quality wire available. WCJ Pilgrim Wire has spent time developing our stitching and baling wire products and is the leader in the stitching, baling, and binding wire industry.

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