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Bekaert Corporation

Corporate Office

1395 S Marietta Pkwy SE Bldg 500
Building 500, Suite 100
Marietta, GA 30067-4440
Main Phone: 770-421-8520
Fax: 770-514-2281
Sales Contact:
Mr. Jason Jones
Sales Director Industrial and Specialty Wires North America

(843) 798-7300
Product Types: Carbon Wire Products, Carbon Wire, Stainless Wire
Wire Types: Airbag Wire, Aluminum Clad Wire, Armoring Wire, Automotive Wire, Bag Tie Wire, Bail Wire, Bailing Wire, Ball Bearing Wire, Barbed Wire, Bearing Wire, Belt Reinforcement Wire, Binding Wire, Black Annealed Wire, Box Binding Wire, Bright Basic Wire, Broom & Brush Wire, Cold Heading Quality Wire, Core Wire, Cotter Pin Wire, Crimping Wire, Filter Wire, Fine Wire, Flat Wire, Galvanized Annealed Wire, Galvanized Wire, Hair Pin Wire, High Carbon Wire, Hook & Eye Wire, Hose Reinforcement Wire, Lashing Wire, Low Carbon Wire, Magnet Wire, Mattress Spring Wire, Mechanical Spring Wire, Music Wire, Oil Tempered Spring Wire, Oil Tempered Wire, Paper Clip Wire, Plastic Coated Wire, Rivet Wire, Rope Wire, Shaped Wire, Staple Wire, Steel Wool Wire, Stitching Wire, Straight And Cut To Length Wire, Tinned Wire, Tire Bead Wire, Tire Cord Wire, Valve Spring Wire, Weaving Wire, Welding Wire, Wool Wire
Wire Products: Bag Ties, Bale Ties, Building Mesh, Chain Link Fence, Field, Farm Fence, Gabions, Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh, Galvanized Wire Rope, Guy Strand, Pipe Mesh, Poultry Netting, Tire Bead, Tire Cord, Welded Wire Fence, Welded Wire Mesh, Wire Rope, Woven Wire Fence

Description: Bekaert manufactures steel wire and wire products worldwide for multiple markets and applications. Bekaert is a world leader in advanced metal transformation and coating technologies.

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