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Mount Joy Wire Corporation

Mount Joy Wire

1000 E Main St
Mount Joy, PA 17552-9332
Main Phone: 800-321-2305
Fax: 717-653-6144
Sales Contact:
Mr. Tom Duff
President & CEO

(717) 653-1461 x224
Product Types: Alloy Wire, Carbon Wire
Wire Types: Aerospace Wire, Alloy Oil Tempered Wire, Annealed Wire, Armature Banding Wire, Automotive Wire, Belt Reinforcement Wire, Binding Wire, Braiding Wire, Brass Plated Wire, Bright Basic Wire, Broom & Brush Wire, Card Wire, Chrome Silicon Alloy Wire, Cold Heading Quality Wire, Crimping Wire, Filter Wire, Fine Wire, Fishing Tackle Wire, Flat Wire, Flexible Shaft Wire, Galvanized Annealed Wire, Galvanized Wire, High Carbon Wire, Low Carbon Wire, Mechanical Spring Wire, Metalizing Wire, Music Wire, Needle Wire, Oil Tempered Spring Wire, Oil Tempered Wire, Specialty High Tensile Wire, Rivet Wire, Rope Wire, Shaped Wire, Staple Wire, Stitching Wire, Strand Wire, Suspension Spring Wire, Tinned Wire, Ultra Fine Wire, Weaving Wire

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