Workforce Development: New Opportunities and Resources for Apprenticeship Programs

NAM and the Manufacturing Institute have partnered with the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) on a project focused on apprenticeship.  NIMS was recently awarded a US Department of Labor contract to expand registered apprenticeships across all sectors of manufacturing.

As part of that contract and a larger effort to increase the use of apprenticeship, USDOL has agreed to two important changes in the registered apprenticeship rules:

  1. Industry associations, employer intermediaries, and educational and training providers may now all serve as registering bodies.  This means state associations may register a new apprenticeship program on behalf of multiple members.  By doing so, smaller employers without the resources to run a program on their own may now participate in apprenticeships.
  2. Through the NIMS contract, USDOL is now offering direct monetary support to companies or organizations who create or expand a registered apprenticeship program.  Specifically, up to $500,000 in incentives are available to support companies and organizations with the program training component.

NIMS staff are available to assist organizations or companies interested in creating or expanding an apprenticeship program.  For more information, please visit or contact the NIMS apprenticeship team at

Finally, if you wish to attend a comprehensive session on creating an apprenticeship program, NIMS will host 1-day workshops on establishing a registered apprenticeship program for employers on January 25 and associations and intermediaries on January 26 in Fairfax, VA.  Attendees will receive in-depth training on the registration process and associated documentation.  NIMS will also review how they can support you with this process and share NIMS templates and models for building an apprenticeship program.  Below are links to the registration page if you wish to attend or know of member companies that may wish to attend.

  • January 25th:  Apprenticeship Development Workshop for Individual Registrants (Employers) – This workshop is intended for employers interested in registering an apprenticeship program with the Department of Labor.  To register, click here.
  • January 26th:  Apprenticeship Development Workshop for Intermediary Registrants – This workshop is intended for intermediaries (workforce development, industry associations, colleges and training providers) interested in registering an apprenticeship program with the Department of Labor.  To register, click here.