Becky Hites to Speak on Trade and Imports at Annual Meeting

New trade policy was a major issue during the 2016 campaign. Now that the campaigning is over, and a new administration is in the White House, what does that mean for the global, and domestic, steel wire industry? Becky Hites, founder of Steel Insights, LLC will give a presentation titled Surviving The Garrote Of Low Priced Imports Squeezing USA Wire Producers:  New Administration Brings New Hope. Becky Hites is a former Wall Street executive with extensive metals industry experience.  She formed Steel Insights LLC to assist executive management teams navigate the “noise of battle” by more effectively managing the abundant resources available today and harnessing those resources to manage the pivotal decisions required for the long-term success of their companies in tough industries that must survive challenging cycles.  Miss Hites has focused on the manufacturing industry from many angles giving her a unique and multi-dimensional perspective.