Combustible Dust Regulatory Compliance by September 2020

By Reginald C. Whitaker, CSP , EH&S Manager, Oklahoma Steel & Wire Co. 

 Reginald Whitaker, Chair, AWPA Environmental, Health and Safety Committee, has provided an overview of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 652 standard, adopted by OSHA, related to the combustible dust found in wire drawing facilities. It covers the action items that must be done to prevent being cited by OSHA under its General Duty Clause. Given that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken control of the country, OSHA may not cite industry locations for this standard until the pandemic is resolved. However, facilities still need to work on completing the DHA by the deadline or have a concrete plan in place for completing one, as soon as possible, under pandemic rules. NFPA 652 is also on the AWPA website. 

If you are interested having AWPA offer a Webinar/Zoom Meeting on this issue, please send an email to Heather Outhuse.