AD Investigations of Wire Rod from South Africa and Ukraine – Commerce’s Final Determinations

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) has released its final determinations in the antidumping (AD) investigations of carbon and alloy steel wire rod from South Africa and Ukraine.

The final dumping margins are unchanged from the preliminary dumping margins, as follows:

(1)        South Africa

(a)        ArcelorMittal South Africa, Scaw South Africa, and Consolidated Wire                                             Industries                   142.26%

(b)        All Others                      135.46%

(2)        Ukraine

(a)        ArcelorMittal Steel Kryvyi Rih                   44.03%

(b)        PJSC Yenakiieve Steel                                44.03%

(c)        All Others                                                     34.98%

The DOC also made an affirmative final determination of critical circumstances with respect to ArcelorMittal South Africa, Scaw South Africa, and Consolidated Wire Industries as well as all other South African producers and exporters.

The US International Trade Commission is scheduled to make its final injury determination in the investigations of South Africa and Ukraine by February 21, 2018.

The deadline for the DOC to make its final determination in the cases of the remaining 5 countries – Italy, Korea, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom – is March 15, 2018. The International Trade Commission will then make final determinations in those cases by April 30, 2018.