AWPA Provides Industry Product Exclusion Request List

As part of its support to AWPA members, AWPA will keep a running list of the Section 232 Product Exclusion Requests for wire and wire rod, updated daily.  The List of Steel Wire Industry Product Exclusion Requests can be found on the AWPA webpage, devoted to Section 232 materials.  The list provides a link to the details of the specific exclusion request.  The new Section 232 web page also includes the required forms and some basic instructions about the product exclusion process.  Bookmark this page to stay informed about the latest news and developments in Section 232 administration.

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), in the US Department of Commerce, is responsible for processing Product Exclusion Requests.  US producers have 30 days to file an Objection to a published exclusion request.  There is a form to submit, which includes information about the company’s 1) ability to produce the subject product in the United States; 2) production capabilities; and 3) the availability and delivery times.  Company’s filing an objection may identify a ‘substitute product’ that has similar form, fit, function and performance.  The relevant shipping time appears to be within 8 weeks.  To date, no objection forms have been published to the docket.

AWPA members may contact Kimberly Korbel, AWPA Executive Director with questions.