New Legislation Proposes Dramatic Labor Law Changes

Legislation from 2019 has risen again in the House of Representatives – action is expected on this in the House, THIS WEEK, the week of March 8. This legislation includes the highly controversial requirement that employers turn over private employee information to union organizers without the employee’s permission. The AWPA will sign on to a letter from National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) opposing the PRO Act. Your company can also act – following is information about the legislation, and how your company can take action.

The legislation was first introduced in 2019, and with strong support from association partners, NAM mobilized a successful grassroots effort against it in 2020. Among the more than 30 provisions contained in the bill are changes such as:

  • Eliminating the secret ballot in union elections;
  • Removing Right to Work laws in 28 states;
  • Limiting the use of independent contractors;
  • Allowing unions to access private employee data; and
  • Reinstating multiple labor policies, including the joint-employer standard, persuader rule and ambush election rule.

The PRO Act is now scheduled for action on the House floor the week of March 8. You can act now:

Send a message to Congress by using this take action page for manufacturers, allowing you to enter your information to send a prewritten message to your congressional delegation in opposition to the PRO Act.

Encourage employees to use this tool to let members of Congress know that the proposed drastic changes to our nation’s workplace and employment law will harm manufacturing constituents.

You can find your US Representatives information by searching by zip code here:

If you need a list of your Representatives by plant location contact Heather at

If you have questions, please contact Kimberly Korbel, AWPA would appreciate hearing any feedback you may receive from your members of Congress.