Take Action on Section 232 NOW

The US Department of Commerce published the Report of the Section 232 Investigation of Steel, which included recommendations for restrictions for consideration by the President.  The recommendations are to place stiff tariffs, quotas or a combination of both on all countries!  Trump may choose any of the three recommendations, or choose a different set of restrictions, or do nothing, as the downstream steel industry and much of the country hopes.  These trade restrictions would be ON TOP OF the already extensive anti-dumping and countervailing duties that already restrict wire rod imports from 15 countries.

NOW is the time to contact your Congressmen and women, in all of the districts where you have plants, about this very important issue.  For those legislators with whom you have a close relationship – pick up the phone!

Please see the Commerce report, the Commerce press release outlining their recommendations and AWPA’s coalition letter to the President on the AWPA website.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Kimberly Korbel, AWPA Executive Director (kkorbel@awpa.org) or Janet Kopenhaver, AWPA Director of Government Affairs (jkopenhaver@awpa.org).