Webinar – Cracking the Code: How to Bring On Gen Z Makers

If you attended the 2018 Operations Managers Meeting, you’ll remember Elena Valentine , CEO of Skill Scout, and her presentation on using video job descriptions to connect with the younger workforce. She is presenting a free webinar on attracting young talent October 8. You can check out a clip and sign up at the link: https://www.balancetrak.com/cracking-the-code

If you are looking for new ways to attract the next generation of talent to jobs in manufacturing (and we know you are!) then join Elena  for this free webinar. She’ll share ideas she has learned working alongside manufacturers who’ve cracked the code to recruit and retain enthusiastic young makers. Manufacturing is a dynamic industry with opportunities for growth.  Elena will share new perspectives the industry needs as we grow the 21st century manufacturing workforce. Check out and register for this free webinar October 8th! | https://www.balancetrak.com/cracking-the-code